BBQ With Dad – Recommendations For Store-Bought BBQ Food and Equipment (The Easy Way Out)

There are a few BBQ specialty vendors who supply both food and BBQ equipment, to make an outdoor family BBQ seem effortless!

Here are some suggested alternatives for a fuss-free BBQ:

(a) BBQ Wholesale Centre offers Halal BBQ ala-carte items, packages and island-wide delivery services, providing convenience and competitive prices to customers. Menu items include “buffalo wings”, “premium cup otah” and “spicy sotong skewers”. Visit: for more details.

(b) Cookaburra is another Singapore-based BBQ solution retailer that caters to a household’s “all-under-one-roof” BBQ needs. It carries its own “Cookaburra”, and the “Weber” and “Outback” brand of BBQ products ranging from “hamburger clipper” to “grill lifting handles” and BBQ mittens. Visit for more details.

(c) EZB is one BBQ supplier which seeks to tempt and hook the delight of “lazy” BBQ wannabes with its slogan “BBQ made easy”. You can hire a “BBQ chef” if you are totally clueless how to start a BBQ or order some home-made sambal chilli to spice things up! Visit for more details.

(d) City Satay, a satay distributor in Singapore, also supplies a wide range of BBQ items of meat like chicken teriyaki chops, steaks and seafood, both raw and cooked. They also sell other local items such as “ngoh hiang” and fried fishballs. Halal food items are also available. Visit: for more details.


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