BBQ With Dad – Simple Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Ideas for Home BBQ Menu

Busy, laid-back dads who aren’t too keen to be stuck all day in the kitchen making BBQ preparations would welcome these relatively simple BBQ menus:

a. Meat
– Chicken frankfurters require no marinade and are easy to skew and eat!
– An all-time favourite – see how the skin slits open to expose a sizzling sausage!

b. Seafood
– Squids are good substitutes for prawns.
– Some cleaning is needed, before marinating them with a dash of salt (and lime after grilling).
– They taste just as good and are less of a hassle to eat than prawns — no shell-peeling!

c. Combi-Delight
– Forget messy chicken wings! Try the “Combination-Skewer” instead. This yummy Team of Trio goes surprisingly well together when alternated:
i. A twirl of turkey bacon;
ii. A slice of green pepper; and
iii. Shitake or small Portobello mushrooms.

d. Carbohydrate
– Throw a few Japanese purple sweet potatoes wrapped in aluminium foil into the charcoal.
– Fry some Bee Hoon as a staple to feed the hungrier folks!

e. Dessert
– Before the fire gradually dies out, Dads can teach the kids how to turn a soft and white-pink marsh mellow into a mouth-enticing one, bursting at its seams with molten sugar and golden caramelised crust!
– Kids will realise it is not so easy to roast a good marsh mellow!

f. Drinks & Ice
– Essential to douse all that BBQ heat!

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