Toddler Skeeball!

011f0a26127d071c1a7eadd700847ceeIdea by George Ngoh

My Idea for Dads and Kids is Toddler Skeeball! Here’s a great family time toddler activity. You’ll need a big box and some empty cottage cheese containers (photo uses 24 oz containers.) First place the 3 containers on the top of a box and draw a circle around the base. Then use a utility knife and cut the holes that you just marked, but cut them just a little bigger so that you can push the containers in about halfway. Print out the numbers/letters, cut them out and tape to the inside of the containers and put them in the holes you cut in the box. Lean the box up against a wall at a slight angle so that if a ball is in a cup it will stay in and not roll out. Now is the fun part for your toddler to place or throw some small balls or plastic eggs into the cups.

You can have a fun family game by keeping score and seeing who can get the most points after 10 throws.

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