Bridge-Building for the Family!

Learn everything you need about building and maintaining bridges in this inspiring book by Carol Johmann and Elizabeth Rieth. It just might be the book that will spark his interest in becoming a Mason, Architect, Engineer or Environmentalist.

Suitable for children aged 9-12, your child will learn that that building mega-structures requires teamwork.

Call in the aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents for the activity we’ve highlighted below! Learn about bridge-building basics –the physics that stops structures from ‘tumbling down’, what it is like to be stone in an arch bridge and enjoy some serious family bonding time.

Be a Stone in an Arch Bridge (p14):

  1. Form two teams with equal number of players. Ensure that you assign members of varying heights and weights to each team, that is one team ‘mirrors’ the other.
  2. The players on each team line up one behind the other, facing the other team.
  3. The middle two players place their hands on each other’s shoulders.
  4. The outside players put their hands on the waist of the teammate in front of them.
  5. Once you’re set, start pushing. But push equally so that everyone stays up.
  6. As you’re pushed, feel the compression (pushing) force that squeezes your body. That’s what it’s like to be a stone in an arch or support under a bridge.

To further ‘cement’ your father-child relationship, turn to page 26-28 for activity on Making Concrete. Real mortar and concrete hardens because of a chemical reaction between water and minerals. Use sand, pebbles, gravel, water and corn starch to create a type of ‘home-made’ cement in your kitchen –boil and bake the parts of a miniature bridge and most of all – have some serious fun while you’re at it!

Available at Singapore’s Public Libraries.

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