Paint a Biplane in your son’s room!

Creative Kids' Mural You can Paint coverAn eye-catching red biplane on the cover of Suzanne Whitaker’s Creative Kids’ Murals You can Paint, promises fun and adventure for dads and kids, especially boys.

Suzanne, a parent herself, gives step-by-step instructions on how to put together murals based on various themes, such as For Baby (highly recommended for Dads-to-be) and Nature Walk (to create a calm, joyful room).  We’ve included a sampler on how to paint a biplane mural for your boy’s room (p84 and 84).

  1. Ensure Symmetry: Determine the centre point. Measure to the left and the right for the wings. Measure above and below for plane’s height. Make a centre axis line.
  2. Paint the Wings: With a no. 2 pencil, lightly sketch airplane. Tape off around the wing area with blue painter’s tape. Paint wings red, using a no. 12 flat brush. Allow to dry.
  3. Add More Red:  Add a second coat of red to wings. Remove tape. Use no. 8 flat brush to paint curved parts of plane. Use no. 2 round brush to add vertical lines that attach wings to each other.
  4. Begin to Define: Use no. 8 flat brush to paint “starburst propeller” in white. Load no.8 flat brush with black and paint windows, tires and inner nose area. Thin black paint and add shadow on left side of plane. Use no. 2 round brush to outline front rim. Add cross wires between the wings. Use white to highlight areas on which the sun would shine.
  5. Cloud and Final Touches: Paint puffy cloud. (See instruction on p82 and 83) And, drybrush (apply paint to a dry surface) a light circle around biplane body to suggest a propeller in motion.

For something simpler, start with Easy Designs (page 116-126). Whatever you decide on, do remember to enjoy painting with your child. That will make it an end result to remember for a lifetime.

Available at Singapore’s Public Libraries.

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