Dads and Kids! Try Your Hand at Painting on Furniture

Mural Magic CoverIf your parents didn’t allow you to draw on walls as a child, here’s your chance now do it –with your child. In Mural Magic, Corie Kline, artist and business owner of  You’re Art,  often uses freehand drawing with a water soluble graphite pencil –making her projects very kid-friendly.

In Flowers for Sale (p37), she transforms a cart into a rolling flower stand. This project will also work with any wooden shelf or shoe rack. Paint the pots of flowers on the wall as though they are ‘sitting’ on it. To complete the look, create a Hanging Baskets Mural.

Here’s How:

  • Basecoat two baskets: Paint a white basket with some Geranium leaves on the left, a little higher than a brown woven basket on the right.
  • Detail with basket weave: Paint in the weave of the brown basket.  Shade to add dimension.
  • Add dark fern leaves: Create the centreline of the frond. Pull the sections of the leaf from frond.
  • Add lighter fern leaves: Using the same method, paint lighter ferns.
  • Detail geranium leaves: Shade the leaves in the white basket. Ensure that the leaves towards the back of the basket in the centre are darker. Highlight top of leaves. Add veins.
  • Paint Geranium flowers: Paint one flower at a time. Make clusters of five-petal flowers starting from the bottom of the bloom. Ensure that paint is wet so that the colours blend together.
  • Connect leaves and flowers: Add stems. Use curved lines. Have some going up and some down.

Do check the book out and have fun drawing and painting with your children.

You can borrow Corrie Kline’s Mural Magic from Singapore’s Public Libraries.



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