Tipbook Music for Kids and Teens – A Guide for Parents and Caregivers

Tipbook Music for Kids and Teens  – A Guide for Parents and Caregivers is part of a series of highly accessible, handy books about music and musical instruments designed to spur you to: “Let your children play music!”.

With knowledge gleaned from the experts, it will help you get your children started on musical instruments in ways that are fun and relaxing. It claims that music can make children smarter, help them connect with others better and even be used to teach teamwork. (p1-8).

Here are a few sneak tips from the book:

Early Music Interaction –To give your child a head start and raise his interest in playing an instrument, try to provide the “first active music experience” before age 6. Allow him to “do music” rather than merely listen to music. (p4)

Start with Toy Instruments – Between age 1 and 2, most children start moving to music in a more coordinated way. They will produce sounds by hitting things. This is a good time to introduce age-appropriate toy instruments such as drums, shakers, xylophones or pianos. (p12)

Move on to ‘Real’ Lessons –As children grow older, increased motor skills, coordination and ability means they are ready for ‘real’ music lessons. Move them from toy to bona-fide instruments. Some say ‘real’ lessons can start at age 3. Others say it may be better to wait till age 5-7, depending on the child’s personal development and the instrument he chooses. (p12)

Last but not least, the book comes with an added bonus. You get to see and hear what you read with Tipcodes consisting of short videos, sound files and other information at www.tipbook.com. Click on and enjoy!

Available at Singapore’s Public Libraries.



Pinksterboer, H. (2006) Tipbook Music for Kids and Teens –A Guide for Parents and Caregivers, Hal Leonard Books, USA


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