Make Lanterns with Recycled Materials

IMG_4508_1_Idea by Alethea Koung

My Idea for Dads and Kids is to make simple lanterns using recycled materials.

You will need: An empty plastic bottle, unused magazine paper, ribbon/string and a stick.

This easy craft is suitable for children of all ages including pre-schoolers.

Dad can start the activity by explaining the importance of protecting the environment and also how we can incorporate recycling in our daily life.

He can then proceed to let the kids choose the bottles, magazines and ribbons for the lanterns.

Firstly, Dad can show the kids how to cut the plastic bottle (see picture), then measure the width of the paper strips and cut those out nicely too.

Get the kids to glue the paper design onto the plastic bottle and use a ribbon as the handle by glueing the edge of a stick to the ribbon.

This beautiful lantern can be used as a decoration at home.

If the kids are old enough to handle the lantern, Dad can actually fix a candle in the middle of the plastic bottle so this beautiful craft can be used as a lantern during the Mooncake Festival.

Isn’t wonderful?

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