Getting Things Organised

ScreenHunter_41_Apr._03_21.32Idea by Angelia Ng

My Idea for Dads is to get your children started early, on keeping things organized with this project.

You’ll need 3-4 cereal boxes… so start saving them up!

  1. Select 2 or three cereal boxes close in size and cut the small side flaps off.
  2. Put one box on top of another box and fold the flaps over into the bottom box and tape inside.
  3. Put the last box right on top and fold the flaps down into the box below.
  4. For the top most box cut the other long flap off the other side if you like or you can tape it over the top.

Editor’s Note: Brighten up the boxes with wrapping paper or colourful used magazine pages and click here to discover 5 other creative ways to use cereal boxes as organisers.

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