A Visit to the Serangoon Pet Walk


Tucked in an old heartland estate of Serangoon North Village sits a quaint cluster of pet shops that have earned itself the name of a ‘Pet Walk’ – marked by various arches bearing that name, along boundaries of an informal ‘trail’ within the precinct of blocks 151 to 154, Serangoon North Avenue 1.

Parents can easily devote an hour or two to let children stroll and roam about, and pop in and out of multiple shops, as they get up close and personal with all kinds of pets – birds, puppies, rabbits, skinny pigs, hamsters, small fishes and exotic breeds to name a few. There is a wide array of pet food and accessories on sale. Veterinarian services are available too.

Young boys, bemused by the parrots’ clever, smattering chatter, can be seen squatting low, trying to ‘talk back’ at the colourful feathered friends. Others get squirmy at the sight of fat wriggly worms sold as yummy fodder for aquarium fishes. The lucky ones get to see how a furry rabbit gets its ‘hare-cut-and-trim’!




Bird lovers too can sit at designated corners and enjoy being serenaded by the canaries’ melodic tweets, chirps and fancy tunes, as they flutter about in cages of all shapes and sizes.

8l-270If you get hungry after strolling about, there are a few coffee shops, provision stores and bakeries for you to grab snacks and drinks.

All in, the experience will be an afternoon well spent with the family!

View link to Serangoon North Village here.

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