Home-made Ice Kachang for Dads and Kids!

375px-Korean_shaved_ice-Patbingsu-Nokcha_bingsu-Cherry_tomatoesAnother name for Ice Kachang is ABC-Air Batu Campur. Literally it means water, rock and mix in Malay.

Making Ice Kachang at home can indeed be as easy as ABC:

A for Anything –Go crazy with the ingredients, ask your children what their dream Ice Kachang looks and tastes like. They might surprise you. Just, go with the flow.

B for Base –Here’s where you bury treasures to delight the senses. Choose from traditional stuff like sweetened boiled red beans, boiled peanuts attap chee seeds, sweet corn, nata de coco or canned fruit. For a more healthful alternative, use fresh fruit such as pear, kiwi, cherries and strawberries or try instead a more local blend of jack fruit or chempadek, lychees, mata kuching, sour sop, rambutans and the usual red beans. Use a deep bowl so that you can pile it deep and build Bukit Ice Kachang* in the kitchen.

C for Cover –Find some way to safely make crushed ice. Some blenders do the trick. Snow Cone or Slushie makers work just as well. Let the children pile on the ice using their hands. In equatorial Singapore, this is as close as it gets to building a snow man. Pour on syrup or fruit juice and condensed milk. Add toppings. Mango ice cream makes it look like a sun peeping over a hill. Place gummy bears along the slope as mountaineers.

Detailed recipes and instructions:

Ice Kachang, Also Known as Air Batu Campur 

Iced Beans (Ais Kacang)

How to Make Ice Kachang

Go for an Ice Kachang expedition:

Annie’s Peanut Ice Kachang

Teck Kee Hot & Cold Dessert, 2 Adam Road, #01-31 Adam Road Food Centre S289876

*Mount Ice Kachang

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