Theatre for Dads and Teens

330px-esplanade_concert_hall_circle_2_receptionWant to watch something other than Hollywood blockbuster movies with your teens? Dads: You can catch theatrical plays staged by home-grown production houses with your teenagers instead!

Theatrical plays are good fodder for conversations with your maturing child. For example, Dads can discuss the main leads and supporting characters, choice and intricacies of the play’s setting, stage lighting, sound effects, plot development, props and costumes. What purpose does each serve? What is the message the production seeks to convey?

Here are some selections of websites with event offerings throughout the year.

The Inkpot

The Inkpot is a useful resource with listing of Singapore productions and theatre companies as well as reviews. Visit their website to learn what arts coverage reviewers have to say about various productions!

Esplanade Presents ‘The Studios’

Visit their Facebook for programme listings by The Studios, one of Esplanade Theatre’s signature programmes that develop, showcase and support local artists in creative and innovative theatrical productions.

Pangdemoniumfounded by husband-wife team Adrian and Tracie Pang, artistic directors committed to bringing stories to life on the stage in an adventurous and dynamic manner.Visit Pangdemonium’s Facebook for theatre schedules.

Checkpoint Theatre – founded by another husband-wife team playwright Huzir Sulaiman and Claire Wong. Visit Checkpoint’s website for details of productions. Besides watching plays, Dads can also pick up published works.

Hatch Theatricscontemporary Malay theatre collective “Hatch Theatrics”, mentored by Noor Effendy Ibrahim. Check out Hatch’s Facebook for upcoming events.

Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT)notable productions include Shakespeare in the Park series like The Merchant of Venice. Ideal for Literature as well as non-Literature students alike! Visit their website.



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