Conquer the World with Pancakes

Banana_on_pancakePancakes are probably one of the easiest things to prepare with children of all ages. Even very young kids can help the dry ingredients and stir the batter. When ready, think of pancakes of various sizes as round pieces of paper.

1.       Lay dining table with something to keep it waterproof. Place a World map on top.

2.       Lay baking /greaseproof paper on top of map and trace out continents. Remove map. (you can do this step in advance)

3.       Use continents as a template and carve roughly to follow shape. Lay ‘continent pancakes’ on top of baking paper.

4.       For something savoury, add folded cheese slices on pancakes to create hills. Or, make tuna/egg mayo mountain ranges. Chicken slices piled high suggest volcanoes.

5.       For something sweet, add halved strawberries to create uneven terrain. Or pile ice cream into peaks and create craters on top to suggest volcanoes.

6.       Trickle suitable sauce/dressings over peaks and in sea.

7.       For savoury: Thousand Island Dressing, ketchup or chilli sauce looks like lava oozing out of a volcano. Pipe in Ranch Dressing over the oceans to suggest waves.

8.       For sweet: Try maple syrup, honey or chocolate sauce.

9.       Use gummy bears to skip and hop across continents.

Eat and play off the baking paper. Name the continents. Talk about travel plans or countries you’d like to visit. Share with the kids about your travel adventures or Malaysia trips as a child. Familiarise the children about where your forefathers came from.

For variation, use another map: a country, region or neighbourhood.

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