Birdwatching is Not Boring!

images-4NOT boring indeed!!

It allows you to:

  • Bring learning out of classrooms
  • Breakaway from harsh city sounds
  • Bond in silence with the children

Bring learning out of classrooms
It’s unlikely your child’s teacher can bring the whole class birdwatching as the activity tends to lend itself to small groups that can move stealthily, without alerting or annoying the ‘guests’ that fly in from all over.

This may be surprising, but Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is a significant stopover point for many birds during the migratory season between September and March. Help your child spot rare birds such as the Chinese Egret and more regularly seen ones such as the Common Redshank.

Bring the learning back home by mounting a map on a wall indicating where the birds come from. Chat with your child about the changes that comes with the seasons.

Breakaway from harsh city sounds
Tune your child’s tender ears to softer tones of nature.  Introduce him to beautiful sounds that no electronic device can faithfully replicate.  There’s nothing wrong with living in the city, but life is richer when your child learns to listen in to the lullaby of nature.

Point out the different chirps and calls that you hear, even if you can’t explain all. Encourage your child to find out more.

Bond in silence with the children
As said, nature is not silent. But birdwatching gets you to bond without chatter. That’s rare and remarkable. Seize the opportunity. Don’t let it fly off.

Useful Links:

Get Nature Society’s (Singapore) A Field Guide to the Birds of Singapore at $12. Or download their free NSS Bird Guide iPhone App. It feature carries photos of more than 370 species of birds and over 100 bird calls.

National Parks Board’s webpage on birdwatching with recommended sites 

The Birds of Sentosa guided tours, email:

Both Nature Society (Singapore) and National Parks Board organise birdwatching sessions from time to time. Make sure you are on their mailing list.

Singapore for Kid’s webpage on Things-to-do Outdoors: Birdwatching

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