Celebrate NDP@Home: Flag it!

SingaporelionTogether with your kids, make Singapore Flag decorations with toothpicks, satay or cocktail sticks for your National Day meal. Here are some simple steps to pull it together:

  1. Get hold of white Post-It notes, preferably rectangular in shape. Ensure the sticky portion is on your left, faced down.
  2. Pass your children a red colour pencil to draw a line across, dividing it to two. Draw in a crescent and five stars on the top quadrant, explaining what each means.
  3. Roll the sticky portion over one end of a toothpick, satay or cocktail stick.
  4. Use one satay stick to skewer 4 fish balls. Smother two with chilli or tomato sauce.
  5. Use these cocktail sticks to serve fruit -a platter of sliced Jambu Ayer next to pear for dramatic effect.

singapore lion flagAlternatively, for a quick setup,

  1. Get your kids to help you print out our easy A4 Singa flag template on the right.
  2. Cut along the lines , roll each flag over the toothpicks, satay or cocktail sticks suggested above, and secure with double-sided tape.
  3. Poke them on your burgers and fries, sandwiches, agar agar and other food you’ve prepared in celebration of National Day.
  4. As you work together to pull this off,  tell them the story of how Singapore got it’s name.

Take the opportunity to share what you used to do in school for National Day, and appreciate the all the people in your family!

Celebrate with more NDP@Home ideas:



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