Celebrate NDP@Home: Rice Sprinkled with History

BUMBOAT_AT_CHANGI_VILLAGE_JETTYDo you have to tempt your children to eat ‘plain old boring’ rice by sprinkling ‘exciting’ stuff on top? Here’s an opportunity to turn this into a see, taste and feel history lesson for your little ones.

Serve rice from a baking dish or a deep plate.

Come up with a sprinkle concoction of stuff you enjoyed eating as a kid and even now. What you use is only limited by your imagination or courage to cross constrained culinary concepts.

Use any of the following or invent your own topping that’s a throwback to your childhood:

  • Crushed fried Ikan Billis and Peanuts as homage to Nasi Lemak
  • Finely sliced Fried Sweetened Bean Curd Chips ala that added to Chap Chye
  • Finely sliced BBQ Pork
  • Cripsy fried, coarsely ground Udang Kering (dried prawns), also known as hae bee hiam

For that ‘historic’ twist, use greaseproof paper to trace out the silhouette of a Bumboat that used to ply Singapore’s waterways.

  1. Create a stencil with the greaseproof paper by cutting out the shape of the boat.
  2. Place stencil on top of rice.
  3. Sprinkle with your choice of topping. Remove stencil.
  4. Create a ‘horizon’ and ‘waves’ using the sprinkle.
  5. Talk about how your family first arrived on the shores of Singapore.

If you’re throwing a party, get the children to start conversations by asking guests some questions about Singapore. This trains them to be fun hosts. Here are some suggested sentences they can be asked to complete:

  • The first person in my family to come to Singapore was…
  • Singapore has many…
  • My favourite place in Singapore is…
  • In my opinion, Singapore’s national dish is…
  • If I could do one thing to improve Singapore, it would be to…

Celebrate with more NDP@Home ideas:

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