Celebrate NDP@Home: Parade Fruit Platter

SingaporelionIn line with the National Day festivities, create a themed fruit platter following an outline of the Singapore map. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Pile it high with all your favourite tropical fruit: jackfruit, jambu ayer, starfruit, banana, pineapple, papaya… and top it off with ice-cream.
  2. We highly recommend Durian Ice Cream to bring out the strong Singaporean-side of anyone.
  3. Give a group growl (we suggest “Hear the lion roar!”) as you dig in to that mountain of fruit and local flavour.
  4. Keep the taste of the platter local and tropical. Besides Durian Ice Cream, you can also opt for Coconut Ice Cream, Jackfruit Ice Cream or  Mango Ice Cream. Island Creamery carries Teh Tarik Ice Cream, Pulut Hitam Ice Cream and even Pineapple Tart Ice Cream!
  5. Don’t forget to flag this platter as well with the Singa Lion for the fruit.
  6. Have a good time!
  7. Have your own NDP fireworks with sparklers for both adults and kids. Gather round the fruit platter for a picture moment to remember for all time with family, friends and neighbours.


Celebrate with more NDP@Home ideas:

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