Let Animated Characters Leap Off Webpages to Pre-schooler Delight

Thomas   Friends – Thomas   Friends Videos   Games   SproutLet Thomas and Friends leap off their websites and into your homes, classes, activities and parties. The official Thomas and Friends website and Sprout Online’s Thomas and Friends page have easy-to-follow games, videos and sing-a-longs. Pre-schoolers will find them engaging and not too challenging to the point that they become frustrated. Sit them alongside to share the fun and watch their faces light up as they identify familiar engines each with their own unique personalities.

But don’t just stay online. Download the puzzles and colouring sheets for your children. They are useful to keep them engaged and occupied. Sprout Online’s Thomas and Friends page even has recipes that literally add dimension to any party, gathering or even an everyday meal. Dads will find it simple to assemble the Thomas’ Club Car Sandwich.

It’ll be harder to ‘engineer’ these Thomas the Train Car cakes  but you just have to ‘track’ down the right contacts of friend or family members who enjoy baking for some help on creating one of these.

Dinosaur Train . Brachio Balance   PBS KIDSAnother character-based webpage worth visiting is PBS Kids’ Dinosaur Train featuring games, videos and other great stuff to print out. The Field Guide in particular gets our thumbs up. Not only will it help improve your children’s vocabulary learning dinosaur names, they will also get too click and see the bone structure of dinosaur type, measure its height and discover other dinosaur facts as they go along.

A simple yet thoroughly educational and entertaining experience for all in the family.


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