Dads for Life – Jurong Bird Park Guide 1

We suggest that you use this guide for a morning excursion because it has been designed to lead you on a featured-packed path right up to the High Flyers Show at 11am, and on to possible lunch venues nearby.

1 – Head to World of Darkness. As its name implies, this exhibit is full of nocturnal birds. Look out for the Snowy Owl, Barn Owl and Boobook Owl. Dads and kids can play a game to see how many of these birds you can spot – in the dark!

2 – After that, trot on to Heliconia Walk. Stop to appreciate the many different species of softbill* birds here like the Amethyst Starling, Gouldian Finch, Silver-earred Mesia and Jambu Fruit Dove. (Birds that eat nectar, fruit, insects and other such “soft” food are known as softbills!)

3 – Next, try to reach the Lory Loft between 9:30am to 10:30am for feeding time. Get up close and personal with the hungry but friendly lories and lorikeets. Purchase a cup of nectar from the nectar counter for feeding the birds. Relax. Stand still and smile as the birds fly over to perch on your shoulders, hands and even your head! Get your camera ready for some photos of a lifetime.

4 – Just before 11:00am, head over to the High Flyers Show at the Pools Amphitheatre. Feast your eyes on the colourful birds that do everything from fly-bys, to air deliveries and song performances! Learn about Hyacinth Macaw and Great-pied Hornbill. Prepare your kids to pay close attention to the show presenter when talks about why it is vital to care for our birds. Do not miss the grand finale gathering of nearly a hundred birds chirping, warbling and squawking on stage.

For lunch, depending on what you feel like eating, the Bird Park has:

–       Bongo Burgers for western food

–       Hawk Café serving local fare

–       Terrace Kiosk offering hotdogs and light snacks

–       Lory Loft Café with sandwiches and light refreshments

–       Songbird Terrace by the Flamingo Lake, if you feel like having a sumptuous Asian buffet while being entertained by some feathered friends from the Lunch with Parrots show!

Click to view and download our suggested morning guide, clearly marked out on the Jurong Bird Park Map, just for you. If you have time, do continue on in the park with our afternoon guide.

We know you will have a great time!

JBP Map (Morning Route)

JBP Map (Morning Route)

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