Dads for Life – Jurong Bird Park Guide 2

Welcome back! We continue with our family tour of the park with an afternoon guide that has been organised around two “not to be missed” park highlights.

1 – Just before 1:15pm, make your way to the Shore Birds exhibit to see the Black Cormorants, White-breasted Cormorants and Peruvian Pelicans dive for fish. Feeding takes place daily. It’s a sure treat for your kids to see all the birds nosily splash and dive for their afternoon treat!

2 – Next take a slow walk to the Waterfall Aviary. Featuring the world’s tallest man-made waterfall, this gorgeous cascade makes for a great photo backdrop. Play “Look Out and Spot!” with your family. Send them to find the endangered Sun Conure (or Parakeet), Yellow-billed Stork and Common Hoopoe. Award an ice cream prize to the kid that can spot the elusive Crested Guineafowl!

3 – Continue on to Parrot Paradise, where your ears will be bombarded with whistles and squawks from Asia’s largest collection of parrots! Walk around the 32 aviaries to enjoy these intelligent, sociable and playful birds who always entertain with their acrobatic tricks. Spot these beautiful parrots: the Black Palm Cockatoo, Yellow-naped Amazon and Red-sided Eclectus, and say “Hello!”

4 – Hop over to the Pelican Cove right next door. Did you know that seven out of eight of the surviving pelican species can be found here? Remember to check out the world’s first underwater viewing gallery for pelicans whilst you’re there.

5 – Finish off your day with a bang! Just before 4:00pm, make your way to the King of the Skies Show at Hawk Walk. Learn about the ancient royal art of falconry. Watch in awe as birds of prey swoop down from the sky to snatch up prey. If you want to learn more, check out the ‘Be a Falconer’ programme at the park.

And there you have it, a day full of memories that will most certainly last a lifetime. Your kids will talk about this for years to come and they will remember that you were the one who introduced them to the Sun Parakeet and started them on the journey to understanding their environment and the wonderful birds that inhabit it.

JBP Map (Afternoon Route)

JBP Map (Afternoon Route)

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