Highrise Gardening for Beginners

Green Herbs on a Window SillEngage the entire family in growing a high rise container garden!

You can use almost anything as a container for your plants as long as it can hold a decent amount of soil and has drainage holes.

Possibilities include biscuit tins, plastic tubs, old paint cans, baskets and of course, standard pots that can be purchased from Daiso. Use a nail or screwdriver to create drainage holes as necessary.

We recommend using high quality compost and burnt soil (reddish and coarse) which can be purchased from nurseries all over Singapore. GreenBack, a company that recycles organic agricultural and horticultural waste into high quality organic compost, has a list of distributors that sell its products here.

The final soil mix should have 1/3 compost and 2/3 soil. Shake it together, well.

Plants here need a significant amount of water to flourish in Singapore’s tropical climate. Water your plants at least once a day, making sure that the soil is just damp and not soaking wet. Empty the plant trays after you are done watering so that your plants do not get root rot which is lethal.

Now, let us talk about the plants. Different types of plants require different amounts of sunlight every day. We suggest you start with the herb varieties (parsley, rosemary and mint for example) as these will do well with just filtered sunlight (as opposed to vegetables which will generally need at least 5 hours of direct sunlight daily).

After you have acquired your containers, soil and seeds, it is time to start sowing! Use a finger to create depressions in the soil and place a seed in each one. Do note that the seeds should not be too close to each other so that your container will not become overcrowded.

For more details about how deep you should make the depressions and how far apart you should plant the seeds, refer to these guides for planting herbs and vegetables. Cover the depressions with some soil but bec careful not to compact the soil as that will make it hard for the seeds to break through the topsoil.

Now, all you have to do is to water the seeds and wait for the day when these germinate.

Voila! Your journey as a container gardener has begun!

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