De-stress in the city in Dhoby Ghaut Green

Dhoby Ghaut GreenVisit Dhoby Ghaut Green for a change of pace and scene from the hustle and bustle of surrounding the malls and city rush.

It is an ideal place to distract tired, over-shopped, grouchy and demanding adults and kids alike.

It is right along the city’s main shopping belt for anyone who needs to blow off some steam. This little park adjacent to Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station acts as a “City Room” for community gatherings as well as a focal point for art, culture and concert performances.

The main attraction is a sculptural open-air amphitheatre that serves as a showpiece for the Architectural and Urban Design Excellence demonstration project and a performance venue.

So, don’t rush off to or from the train, the next time you are around the area. Take time, instead, to appreciate the amphitheatre’s amazing architecture. In the day, its interweaving aluminium screen, inspired by the natural lines of a rattan basket, offers partial shade from the sun. It also allows for natural through-ventilation, so that air circulates freely. At night, the amphitheatre glows like a lantern.

Take your children there. Allow art and beauty to be amplified in their eyes.

Location: Adjacent to Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, opposite the Park Mall Shopping


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