Family Fun with Body Outlines!

Kids Art  5 Ways With Body OutlinesDrawing Body Outlines for the Whole Family

Drawing body outlines can be a fun and educational activity for children to learn about the names and functions of their body parts. Parents can help their children feel good about their bodies and know that their bodies belong to them.

Parents will need to prepare the following materials: large sheets of butcher block paper (child-sized), crayons and black markers.

Start by having each child will lay down on a large sheet drawing paper (the type that comes in rolls) or majong paper. Tell your children that you are going to draw the outline of their bodies using the marker. After the outlines are drawn, ask your children use the crayons to colour their outfits on to their body. The outfits should match what they are wearing so that they know which figure is theirs.

Next, ask your children name each body part, such as their legs, arms, mouth, nose, eyes, etc. For older children, you may ask them to identify private body parts as well. Parents can label the body parts for the children, or get children to write their own body parts on their picture.

Finally, get creative and have your children add in and colour their hair, eyes, mouth, ears, shoes, etc. When the bodies are done, display them in the living room. Children will revel in the chance to show off their creative artwork.

Here are some other resources for parents:

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