Bonding over… Air Plants?

Air_plant_(Tillandsia)Yes. Airplants!

An air plant or Tillandsia is a herbaceous (does not have woody stems) flowering plant belonging to the Bromeliad family. Types of air plants commonly available in Singapore include the Ananas comosa, Spanish Moss, Streptophylla, Ionantha Druid, and Xerographica, also known as the King of Air Plants.

Growing air plants as a family can be a great way to bond and introduce children to the joys of nature. An air plant is hardy and easy to care for as it does not require soil, getting all of its nutrients from three important elements: good ventilation, ample sunlight and adequate watering.

Families who live in a private house with an outdoor garden, or those with a balcony exposed to the elements, can grow an air plant with almost zero maintenance. In Singapore, we typically have rain at least twice a week, so you do not even have to water your air plant. However, if the week is particularly dry or you do not have access to an outdoor environment, simply spray some water on your air plant two to three times a day. Organise the kids to take on simple responsibilities of ensuring that the air plant is well-watered.

You will have beautiful, modern home décor by displaying your air plants in terrariums, vases, pottery and bowls. You can also give them as incredibly unique gifts for housewarming parties. Air plants are so cute you can get each family member to name one of their own.

Here are some resources for how to create stunning air plant features in corners of your home with good indirect light.!services/cewq

Have fun!

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