Grow a Love of Reading in Your Primary School Child

Bond over readingOnce children start school, their reading skills generally improve. They should have developed a good foundation from your preschool involvement with them and will build on that foundation in primary school.

One of the major distractions for most children during the school week is television. Set a rule such as only turning the TV on for one hour during school nights. This allows time for meaningful interaction, homework, and reading.

Once your child is around 6 and can recognize the difference between real and make-believe, help them understand and differentiate between various genres and sub-genres of books during your reading time together. There are different genres of children’s books that you can point out to them such as nonfiction, fantasy, realistic fiction etc.

Keep up the habit of bringing them to the library, but now try to focus on variety. Let them continue reading for pleasure, but also look for biographies and books on a topic of interest for your children such as science, astronomy, animals or plants. Helping them discover and learn information through their leisure reading will prepare them for school projects later down the road.

Getting your children to read to younger siblings is a great opportunity to allow your child to take on greater responsibilities and inspire their younger siblings to develop a love for reading too. Sit them both in your lap and let the older child read to the younger one. It will help them both cultivate better reading skills and attitudes.

Reading with your children when they are young is one of the best investments you can make in their lives.

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  1. Great write! Every parent should take the time to do this.

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