Stacey Goes to the National Museum by Lianne Ong

staceymuseumIn Stacey Goes to the National Museum by Lianne Ong, the protagonist, Stacey, unexpectedly chances upon a gibbon during a visit to the Singapore Museum. It leads her on an exciting adventure around the place and shows her treasures from Singapore’s historical past.

All this happens whilst her mother is walking her little brother in the pram to soothe him to sleep.

As Stacey reunites with her mother at the end of the visit, she suddenly catches sight of a painting of a gibbon, who appears to be winking at her as they leave.

This book contains rich nuggets from Singapore’s past that will intrigue readers both young and old, and will leave you wanting to learn more about this little island on which we live.
Dads and moms can read it with their children to spur them to embark on some of their own adventures, as a creative and fun way to inspire learning, whether at the museum or other places of interest in Singapore.

For dads seeking a fun-packed and educational day out, do consider taking your family to one of these kid-friendly museums listed below:
ArtScience Museum
Asian Civilisations Museum
Images of Singapore
Mint Museum of Toys
Singapore Art Museum
Singapore Discovery Centre
National Museum of Singapore
Singapore Science Centre
The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum

This book is available at Singapore’s public libraries. Search for it here!

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