Recycle Together with Family Stamp Projects 1


Stamp Light Jars, Photosource: Pinterest

Stamps are the substance of faraway places and adventures packed in a few square centimetres. The sizes and colours that stamps come in, make them great for craft projects.

Stamps light jar

Save your food jars, clean and remove the labels. Use starch, white glue or liquid glue to paste the stamps all over the exterior of the jar. Add texture by allowing the stamps to overlap. Set aside to dry completely. Add a tea light candle into the jar. Use art wire to loop the mouth of the jar and create a handle for it. Chain the wire with beads as this will insulate the wire handle in case it gets too hot to hold. And there you will have a lantern of beauty your children can carry during an evening walk in a nearby park. Also visit Tip Garden on how to make a wire handle for a jar.

Decoupage frames, for mirrors or anything else

Bring out the beauty of family life by doing this project with your kids. Photosource: Pinterest

Photosource: Pinterest

Be reminded of a country that you visited or think of friends overseas, each time you look into the mirror. For your project, pick a mirror with a broad frame and smooth surface. Decoupage the frame with stamps. Add varnish, particularly if you are using the mirror in a wet area like a bathroom.


Photo source: Pinterest

Try going with certain themes. For example, using only stamps with flora and fauna motives, or choosing only stamps that flow with a blue colour theme. Decoupage your way to a cherished family memory you can pass down the generations.

Simply frame them up

Use the stamps to form a silhouette that represents something, someone, or an important family value. For example, use the stamps to make out the shape of a house, a beloved pet or a heart. You could also frame up your childhood stamps collections and as a valued conversation piece in your living room.


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