Recycle Together with Family Stamp Projects 2

stampsHere’s another interactive learning activity you can work on with your child!

We suggest you spend some pre-activity time of a week or so collecting used stamps.

Base the recycling project on the theme of an easily available stamp. For example, Singpost’s 2013 stamp issue, ‘Greetings –Sign Language’, features pictures of children communicating ‘Hi’, ‘Welcome’, ‘Thanks’, ‘Good Bye’ and ‘I Love You’.

After you’ve got enough stamps (20 to 30 should do for a start), allocate an hour or so one morning to show your child how to remove stamps from envelopes.

You’ll need some time to allow the stamps to dry out, so plan for another weekend morning to use the stamps to decorate bookmarks or make fridge magnets.

Thin magnetic sheets are available at craft stores or budget shops such as Daiso. Use double-sided tape to attached the stamps on a magnetic sheet and cut around the edges.

Whilst working on the project, take the opportunity to use the stamps as talking points. You could:

  • Talk about why it is important to greet people. Encourage children to greet the elders at home.
  • Talk about hearing impairment and people with special needs. Explain how the ear is structured, why some people cannot hear and why it is important to understand the needs of others. You could talk about people with hearing impairments and read about What’s Hearing Loss?  in together.
  • Learn the greetings in sign language together. It will be a fun activity for a few minutes and you’ll enjoy moments communicating with each other using these signs in time to come.
  • Create a secret sign language for family members. It can be as endearing or as silly as you can imagine.

Most importantly, have fun!

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