Make Family Notepads for the New School Term!

Bond with your children over collecting paper scraps and gluing them together to make your very own customised family notepads.

Things You Will Need

  1. Paper: 50 pieces in A4-size with weight 80-100gsm, with used side facing down. Cut A4 paper into half if you prefer a smaller notepad. Punch holes so that you can easily file paper (optional)
  2. Cardboard or thicker paper: use covers of old magazines or cereal boxes
  3. White glue and paintbrush / glue stick
  4. Binder clips / a heavy object e.g. book
  5. Sticker name labels

Get There in Three Steps


  1. Gather: Put papers into a stack. Ensure one edge is neatly aligned. If necessary, tap the pages lightly on a table to achieve this edge. Place binder clips near the edge to hold the stack of papers and cardboard together. Or, use a heavy book to hold the papers down so that they do not shift.
  1. Glue: Dip paintbrush in white glue. Spread glue across the edge. Alternatively, use a glue stick. Set it aside a few hours for the glue to dry. Repeat 3-5 times. Remove binder clips. Add a sticky name label on the first leaf for a customised notepad. Search online for templates of name labels (see below) or create your own. To prevent the first leaf of the notepad from peeling off easily, reinforce the top of the notepad with masking or duct tape.
  1. Greet: On the first leaf of the notepad, write a personalised note of encouragement or warm wishes for a fruitful time in the school term ahead, an inspiring quote or saying.

The notebook will be like taking a part of you along with them to school each day!


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