Clock Your Time Together!

Family Clock

For the record, time with the family is more important than fancy furnishing. Be house proud, but be even more proud of your family. Photo: Ikea Hackers

Get creative together!

Build your very own family clock!

Get a DIY clock set online  or from an art supply shop, and make something unique with the kids.

Ikea Hackers is a another great website to go to for tips on how to bring the RUSCH wall clock up a notch. Already found in many houses, this clock can be converted into a clock that will reflect your family’s interests and the personality.

Ask your child what he likes and plan the design around it. If your son likes animals, you can easily get removable wall stickers and create a “zoo”. It’ll be even more satisfying if he draws 12 animals to take the place of numbers. Laminate his drawings. Attaching these to the clock face using Velcro (a hoop and loop system) will make the animals interchangeable.

If he gets bored with the animals, just get him to draw some more and change the pictures to whatever inspires him.

Post your creations on DFL Facebook. We’d love to see what you have done!

PS: Visit Top Dreamer website for more clock design ideas.

Art supply shops:

Art Friend


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