Your Children’s Drawings 1 – Be a Fan


Have a fantastic time with your child, converting his or her drawings into a fan.

Children’s drawings at every stage of their growth are utterly precious, but it’s often nearly impossible to keep them all. Get creative and think up ways to use their art pieces to make cool stuff.

Be a Fan of Your Children’s Art! Drawings done on A4-size printing paper (80-100gsm) can easily be converted into paper fans that you can carry along on a hot day or an event such as a school sports meet or the National Day Parade.

When making these fans with your children, have fun coming up with stories and role-playing characters who use fans such as the Satay-man, Geishas and Chinese Dancers!

You’ll need:


Here’s the fan when it is closed. Really handy. Even smaller than a mobile phone!

  • Drawings done on A4-paper (choose a piece that your child won’t mind it being divided up)
  • 2 ice-cream sticks
  • Wire-tie
  • Double-sided tape
  • Rubber band or ribbon (optional)
  1. Position the paper in landscape format (the length is longer than the width). Have the picture faced up. Divide the paper into half lengthwise.
  2. Using one half, ask your child to make alternating folds using the width of the paper in a zig-zag manner (like an accordion). Each fold should be 2cm thick.
  3. Make a hole at one end. Use wire-tie to hold it together.
  4. Insert an ice-cream stick into the last fold of each end. Ensure both ice-cream sticks are parallel and positioned flushed to the back of the fan.
  5. Check that the ends of the sticks are level with each other before you secure it with double-sided tape.
  6. Have your child pull both ice-cream sticks toward each other so that they meet. Watch his or her face light up as the paper unfolds into a circular fan.
  7. For easy storage, use rubber band or ribbon to hold the sticks together.

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