Your Child’s Drawings 3 – Birthday Fun


Photo credit: Mikayla Khoo

Build birthday memories together (and creatively use up your cache of children’s drawings while you are at it!)

If your children like something, there’s a high chance that they’ll draw a lot of it. And, the way each one draws is also likely to change through the years. Track their progress and celebrate their art and growth (especially through the years 3 to 8) as follows:

Each year, together each child, decide on a birthday celebration theme based on some of his or her drawings. You don’t have to throw a big party for the event to be significant. Celebrate each one in your family’s own special way.

How to Make a Paper Bag  11 Steps  with Pictures    wikiHowHere are some easy affordable ideas for weaving in your child’s creativity into the event:

1. ART-ful Party Packs: Have stacks of drawing blocks with your child’s art? Make paper bags out of them. Fill them with a pencil and activity pages based on the theme. You can print activities pages from a myriad of websites for free. (see resources appended below)

Give the packs out at a party or to classmates. You might also want to consider starting a project with your child to pack good goodie packs for less privileged children in a home or centre, either in Singapore or overseas. Mail the packs over or deliver them personally.

Use your child’s drawing to fold a ‘fox box’ for chocolates. Photo source: Paper Kawaii

Fold a ‘fox box’ for chocolates. Photo source: Paper Kawaii

2. Chocol-ART Box: Use your children’s drawings to fold a origami ‘fox box‘ by Paper Kawaii. Pack in some chocolates (for example, Hershey’s kisses) and pop them into the ART-ful Party Packs.

Watch the video below. It’ll take you through the folds step-by-step. Alternatively, you can make smaller versions of the ART-ful Party Pack and pop the chocolates in there. Present your guest with a bag-in-a-bag.

Useful links:

Activity Village (UK), Printables List 

The KidzPage, Online and Printable Learning Games 

Sesame Street Printables


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