Your Children’s Drawings 4 – More Party Ideas


Use your child’s art to make paper buntings to liven up a party or just make his space special. Photo source:

Here are more ideas for incorporating your child’s artwork in their birthday celebrations!

At the end of the day, you’ll have unique and personalised decorations that’ll appear in your photos with which to remember the day always.

1. P-ART-y Decorations: Party decorations go up and come down in a day, so there’s no need to spend an arm and a leg on them. Make paper buntings. Enlist your children’s help to cut out flags and other shapes. Add alphabets to spell out the event or the function of an area. For example: “Happy Birthday Hashim!” or “Games! Games! Games!” Alternatively, make paper buntings for your child’s bedroom or space in the house: “Dinesh’s Den” or “Clara’s Cottage”.  Most of all have fun!

2. “ARTime” Capsules: While it’s impossible to keep all of your child’s drawings, start a project that allows you to keep a few precious pieces through the year. Have two identical boxes or folders. Place some art from that year in each box or folder. At each birthday, look through the art of the previous year. Do the same each year. When your child grows up, give him one set as a present on a special occasion such as his 21st birthday. Keep a set as parents.

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