Your Children’s Drawings 5 – Building a Town Together

If your children are prolific artists, try starting them on a town-building series. Inspire them to draw buildings, parks and playgrounds of their very own dream town.

Place these around their toy train sets and toy cars. Spend time making up stories together of train robberies, hideaways, or conquering new frontiers.

Download templates of 3-D buildings . Personalise them with the family monogram on the door or make a sign for a shop bearing your names such as “Ahmad & Sons”.

Turn your town-building into a month long project; working at adding new colour and dimension to the town week on week.

Make paper model houses using templates from this marvellous webpage by Install houses, shops, malls and hospitals. Add colour and texture by drawing or painting it on.


This 3-D origami house found on will complement your other structures perfectly.


This Origami Tulip consists of a stem and a blossom, separately assembled. Photo source:

Make colourful houses for your 3-D town. Let your child choose and match origami paper for a fantastical look in this neighbourhood.

Over the weeks, add origami trees and flowers. Check out for more ideas. Try combining an Origami Flower Stem with a Tulip or Rose blossom. Add some animals while you are at it.

Your children will love this! And, don’t forget to take a photo of the family with your very own town! It’ll truly be something to remember. It could very well turn out to be a bonding idea that your children will one day pass on to their own children!


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