Dad Makers: Printable Mazes by Jim Bumgardner


It’s not just for kids. Print mazes and puzzles for all ages. by Jim Bumgardner is an amazing website for printable mazes and puzzles. The mazes are graded: Easy, Intermediate, Challenging, Tough and Super Tough! And, there are puzzles that teenage as well as adult children will enjoy. These include various forms of Sudoku, (Have you heard of Kidoku, a smaller-sized Sudoku for kids?)  Kakuro and Slitherlink.

In Galaxy Puzzles, you fill in the horizontal and vertical edges to form a galaxy shaped island around each circle, which represents the galactic centre. Set aside a few hours with your children to compete on who’s faster at completing these puzzles.

Jim describes himself as a senior nerd at Disney Interactive Labs. He’s essentially a programmer / musician / composer / data-viz expert / author / artist / puzzle constructor / teacher with a passion for making software art and software toys.

Jim is a witty and endearing writer. His humour peppers the website and its accompanying blog. In an e-mail interview with Dads for Life, Jim said, “I originally started the website to raise money for my daughter’s college fund. I was making a lot of puzzles for myself and my wife, and I thought other people would enjoy them.”

“My daughter is out of college now, but I am still actively working on the website, and I add new puzzles every year,” added Jim aka

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