Whimsical Gardening for Dads and Kids


The bottle of a commonly used liquid laundry detergent becomes a warrior-face-planter by adding eyes and pouty lips (bottom row, right). And, cacti work well as ears for this caterpillar-like creation (first row, right). Photo source: http://www.ehow.com

Can you picture recycling a plain platic bottle into a planter -with the handle as a tribal warrior’s nose? Think out of the box (as well bottle and container) for whimsical looking potted plants that will brighten up any space. Use the unique shape of a bottle to be the distinguishing feature of a 3-D creature!

Combine the right plants and bottles for a literally growing menagerie of goofy characters. Opt for fluorescent paint and it’ll be a glowing menagerie!

Gardening with your children is a great way to teach about growth in the natural world –from seedling to plant, and even tree! Metaphorically, explain to your children that good ideas are like seeds that need nurturing. Before an idea can come to fruition, you need to assess whether it is something worth pursuing, work hard at it, and persevere to see results.

Preparing the plastic bottles is a job that calls for the use of hardware. Help your children cut through the bottle so that it reveals a surface area that sufficient for planting. If you children are of primary-school going age, they’ll enjoy working alongside you. Teach them how to use the tools safely.


This Chia Pet is made from a plastic soda bottle. The nose is its bottle cap! Photo source: http://www.diycrafts.com

In the next  step, even little children can help. Put a layer of small rocks or pebbles in the bottom of the container to aid in drainage as plastic bottles are impervious. Fill the container to near the top with potting soil and add the plant.

Plant selection is important. For example, choose succulents for they require little soil or water to survive, and thrive in small plastic containers. Water the plant, and fill the remaining space with more potting soil. Press into place. Decorate the planter by painting or pasting on eyes, noses or other features.

For more ideas:

Ehow,com’s Upcycled Eath Day Planters for Older Kids 

Diycrafts.com’s 20 Fun and Creative Crafts with Plastic Soda Bottle

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