Ace Exam Stress 1

exam-stress2Train your child to tackle exam stress so that he can do his best and be confident to life’s face challenges academically and personally. Here are tips on how to revise without anxiety and become both exam-smart and streetwise.

Help your child figure out for himself why he is sitting for an exam.

Get him to talk about what motivates him to learn and teach him to bear that in mind when preparing for the papers. Note that you are neither giving him a choice to take an exam, nor are you trying to interest him to do so. Few kids or even adults would jump at the chance to be tested. Yet, when a child learns to find motivation to do a task he dislikes, he’ll be able to cope with different types of tasks and jobs as he grows up.

IMG-20150128-WA0001It’s important that you listen to your child and understand what truly motivates him. Put aside your idea and agenda of what will give your child the stamina to study. Don’t put him down and allow him to express himself honestly. Refrain from discouraging comments as much as possible.

Work with your child to write and/or draw out his goals and emblazon these across his study schedule, note it in his diary, or notebook/s.


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