Ace Exam Stress 2: Visualisation

exam-stress-5Have fun revising with visualisation.

This probably works best with visual learners or thinkers, but it will be helpful for most children as they enjoy drawing. Visualisation will help your child absorb information more easily and retrieve it even when stressed.

Why so? Most people remember images better than verbal or written information. This is because information is often abstract. Therefore, converting information into an image makes it concrete. The trick is to convert the sound of a word or characteristic of an object into an image.

Here’s one way to do it:

  1. There are three types of volcanoes: shield volcanoes, stratovolcanoes and cinder cones. Memorise that shield volcanoes are wide and flat, with slow moving lava. The Mauna Lua in Hawaii is an example of a shield volcano.
  1. Have your close his eyes and create a picture in his mind using the information given. If it helps, ask him to draw it on a piece of paper. Do the same.
  1. Share your pictures with each other. Talk about what’s similar and different. For example, you may draw a wide and flat volcano with a shield around it and a snail spelling out the words Mauna Lua, while your child may draw an injured soldier carrying a shield with the emblem of a volcano with the words Mauna Lua on it.
  1. Appreciate the simplicity of the pictures to help remember a fact. Or, laugh about how outrageous they are. Silly, out-of-this-world and incredible images make good mental hooks.

Use visualisation as a core study technique or a 5-minute break during an hour of dedicated study. Vary according to your child’s age and needs. More importantly, have fun!

For details, read Memory Improvement Tips 

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