Ace Exam Stress 3: Envisioning Success

exam-stress-4Visualise success to vanquish stress.

There’s more to visualisation than converting information to images for ease of learning. (See Ace Exam Stress 2)

Your child can also use visualisation and mental imagery to:

  1. manage daily stress levels in the days leading up to the exams
  2. prepare for the act of sitting in the exam hall and taking a paper

This is especially useful for children in upper primary and teens in secondary or tertiary levels. At this age, they are able follow your guidance on what to imagine and apply it to the situation even when you are not around.

Essentially, envisioning success can enhance your child’s motivation and confidence. It can also help keep him remain calm and focused. In addition, visualisation is useful for adults to deal with work stress and help achieve what you need to do in their various roles.

Here are some ways to do it:

  1. Close your eyes and imagine you are a calm and relaxing place that you like. If you cannot think of any place, bring to mind a picture of vast pastures or calm seas. Over one minute, slowly count 1 to 10 and backwards. Open your eyes and feel refreshed.
  2. Mentally rehearse yourself entering a hall or a classroom to take an exam paper. You are rested, have finished going through all your study notes, and have all the stationery you need. You are calm and undistracted.
  3. Or, picture yourself giving a presentation at work. You understand how the project works and have all the notes in place. You are calm and clear.

Do these exercises with your child. Chat with him about what stresses you and how these exercises help.

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