Ace Exam Stress 5: Innovative Stress Busters

exam-stress1Here are some fun and innovative exam stress buster ideas for you to try out this coming exam season:

1. Sing-a-Jingle: This comes so easily to kids. You’ve probably noticed your children composing silly jingles spontaneously when at play and giggling till the cows comes home. Well, there’s no reason to stop jingles during exam season. In fact, encourage them to make fun of the topic and anything about the subject that does not seem make sense. Being absurd, makes the learning less daunting at times.

2. Youtube Cover: Blogger Dad Nick Pan says that ideas for effective stress busters spring from what a child likes. His daughter likes Youtube covers, so they did one together.

3. Funny Faces: Do this together in front of a mirror with exaggerated actions to make each other laugh. While it’s guaranteed to work well with lower primary kids, animated  individuals of all ages enjoy doing this too. Changing our faces from frowns to smiles, changes the mood quite quickly, as well. Take photos and selfies while you are at it.

4. Exam Tikam Tikam: Throughout the year, have your child take photos of things and places that he likes. Without letting him know which you have selected, print out some pictures. (Include photos of Funny Faces as mentioned above) Randomly, fill a compartmentalised box or container with a picture, toy or treat. Cover the compartments so that no one can see what’s inside. Label each compartment with a number. When having a study break, let your child pop open a compartment. Personalise an Exam Tikam Tikam for for each child.

Make exams a memorable time for the family, twinning work, company and fun into one.

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