Home But Not Alone 1

purple-hoot-hiDads can participate in the care of their children even if they need to be away. Your input is essential. Here are some of our “how-to” tips.

Books: Select five books that communicate values that are important to you. Give these to your Caregiver to read together with your children whilst you are away. Let your Caregiver know if you read to your children before bedtimes and give guidelines on how many books to read at a go. Come up with a ‘story treat’. For example, if you are going overseas for a week, borrow a book of a child from that country. Ever inquisitive, children welcome new titles! When you get home, read these books again with them and share your travel stories as well.

DVDs: Similarly, pick a DVD that you think your child can learn from and enjoy. Request that the Caregiver watches it with your child. Give guidelines on how often and when he or she can watch the video. Alternatively, get creative! Make an video of yourself. For example, video-record yourself reading a children’s book or make a minus-one sound track of their favourite songs with family photographs streaming in the background. Have your Caregiver play this whilst you are away. This is an innovative and powerful way to connect with your family, whenever you cannot be present in person.

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