Home But Not Alone 2

stamp1 stamp2


In Home But Not Alone 1, we wrote about how Dads can participate in the care of their children even if they need to be away. Here’s a craft project you can start with your child so he can continue to work on it whilst you are away!

Craft Projects: Choose projects that take a few days to complete. That way, you can start it with your child and your Caregiver can to build upon what you’ve already done.


Stamp Light Jars. Photo: Pinterest

We suggest you try out this Stamp Light Jar craft project.

To kickstart the project, decoupage these stamps on a jar whilst leaving some spaces for your child and his Caregiver to continue working on.

Whilst you are away, write home and mail your letters with as many colourful stamps on the envelope as possible. Have a your child collect these stamps and use them to continue working on the Stamp Light Jar project.

Such projects can take place over several months and will result in a memento with a lifetime of memories for the both of you.


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