Home But Not Alone 3


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Ever wonder what your child is doing when you are away? Whether it’s with mum, grandparents, aunt, uncle or the family’s domestic helper? In Home But Not Alone 1 and 2, we suggested activities that you can get the Caregiver to do with your child. Here, we show how keeping a journal and writing letters can help you know what’s happening in your child’s life when you are not around.

Journals and Letters: Set aside a notebook to be a special journal shared between you and each child when you are away. Request that the Caregiver sit down with your child to write about what they did together. If the child is too young to write, the Caregiver can get him or her to add drawings.

Most importantly, keep it fun. Your child shouldn’t feel like she’s doing up a report. And, she can write about ordinary stuff. It can be as simple as: “Hi Dad, we ate Tau Huay for dessert. Aunty bought it from the stall near her house. It’s yummy! We kept some for you. It’s in the fridge.”

Bring out the journal every time you have to arrange for the children to be with a Caregiver. The journal is an especially useful tool for you to keep up with what your child is doing if you are away for more than a day.

Alternatively, request that the Caregiver help your child put together a letter for you. Provide your child with dedicated stationery for this purpose that says something like “From Siva to Papa”.

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