Videos for Dads and Kids – Discovering Science Together

Here’s an awesome talk that will inspire your children -and you- to discover more of the world through Science.

In just four minutes, AnnMarie Thomas from St Thomas University shows how homemade play dough is either a good or poor conductor of electricity depending on whether sugar or salt is added to the mixture. Salt dough conducts electricity while sugar dough does not -it’s resistant! Thus, even very young children with little hands can be build (squishy) circuits and learn how electricity works!

Dads of pre-schoolers will be surprised by the special qualities of homemade play dough and how it can be used to teach something as unseen and complex as electricity. In fact, watching this video together may open doors to many related activities.

Make the salt and sugar play dough together at home and have a fun time exploring its texture.

Go to a specialty store such as the Curiosity Shop (Open 10am to 6pm daily, tel: 65665213) in the Singapore Science Centre (SSC) to purchase electrical stuff like leads, and lights. The shop carries kits ranging from $17 to $70 to suit most budgets. If you are at the SSC, enjoy some free outdoor fun at the Kinetic Garden, and glean ideas on transfer of energy.

Back home, try out various circuits. Point out how these circuits are used in electrical appliances.

Visit St Thomas University’s webpage on making play dough and squishy circuits for endless learning and fun!


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