Videos for Dads and Kids 3: Discover Electrifying Dance

“Dance can have an transformative effect on the world.”

–Jon M Chu, Filmmaker

Don’t shy away from this 2010 talk by Filmmaker Jon M. Chu just because you’re not into dance. It’s electrifying and entertaining! And, it will make you think about how technology influences the multiple intelligences we possess.

Jon set up The LXD (The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) to showcase an emerging global street-dance culture that evolves globally constantly because of the power of the Internet. “Dance has never had a better friend than technology.”

Using online videos and social networking platforms, dancers now enjoy a “global laboratory” where moves are improvised and shared among various countries within days. All this is achieved using simple web- or smartphone cameras. Much of the dancing happens on streets and in the privacy of bedrooms and garages. The pace of change is phenomenal. New dance styles emerge.

Watch this video with your child to talk about multiple intelligences. People who have high bodily-kinesthetic intelligence are generally good at physical activities such as dance, sports, acting, and making things. Is your child interested in dance? Explore avenues that he can safely learn how to do so, whether it’s for artistic expression or to help him develop confidence in the way he move.

Neither of you interested to get up and dance? Talk about how the simple camera in your handphone can make impressive online videos of whatever he’s interested in. It could be rabbits, robots, or rovers.

If not keen to do anything hands-on in terms of dance or videography,  start a new hobby together of watching the many LXD videos online, and marvel at the dancers amazing abilities!

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