Building Bonds on Bus Journeys 1: Down Memory Lane

singapore-bus-journey1Is there a bus journey that you enjoyed taking as a child with a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle? What was it for? Was it to visit a relative, buy something special or run an errand? All these may have been fun and meaningful for you, but forgotten in the busyness of parenting.

Bring your child on that same bus route and share with him what it was like for you. Hopefully the bus you used to take is still available. If it isn’t, piece together a similar journey by hopping from bus to bus.

Point out new buildings that have sprung up since the time you were a kid. Talk about landmarks that have been torn down. Stop wherever you fancy for a snack. This will allow you to explore a new place together. Plan ahead by asking around for recommendations on where to eat.

When you’ve reached the final destination, bring your child on a tour of the place. If possible, do what you used to do as a child. For example, go to the same store you frequented as a child.

Allow the journey a take on an interesting twist by inviting the parent, aunt or uncle who used to go with you on this trip. And, take lots of photographs along the way, for you may need to use them as a granddad one day on a similar bus journey.

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