Videos for Dads and Kids 4: Astounding Athletic Quadcopters

Watch this 16-minute video of flying quadrocopters (quads) with your family! Tweens and teenagers will be particularly captivated by these robots that think like athletes and solve physical problems with algorithms that help them learn. A video like this might just be what you need to motivate your teenage to figuratively jump through hoops to achieve better scores in Mathematics and Physics.

As Professor and Inventor Raffaello D’Andrea explains, quads are “mechanically simple. By controlling the speeds of these four propellers, these machines can roll, pitch, yaw and accelerate along their common orientation.” Have fun watching a quad balance a pole, not spill a drop from a glass of water, and bounce a ball back to Raffeallo!

Use the video as a springboard to discuss the use of technology either for the betterment of society or to its harm. Guide your children to think about Raffaello’s comment at the end of the video that machines “can be used to improve human condition, or they may be misused and abused. This is not a technical choice we are faced with, it’s a social one. Let’s make the right choice…”


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