Building Bonds on Bus Journeys 3: From Chinatown to Little India

Photo source: Chinatown webpage

Photo source:, Chinatown webpage

Travel this exotic journey with your kids that starts at the Chinatown MRT and ends at the Little India MRT stations.

While you can complete the journey by train in minutes, there’s much to explore by bus and on foot.

Emerge from Chinatown MRT station into a conservation area where you will find a mixture of old and new businesses trading in restored pre-war shophouses.

Visit the Chinatown Heritage Centre at Pagoda Street for a glimpse of the cramped spaces that families stayed in. Chat with your child about how different living conditions were. Identify what electrical appliances you have in the house that were not available back then. Think up a chore or project that you can do at home without an appliance.

Thereafter, cross over to the bus stop at People’s Park Complex on Eu Tong Sen Street to board bus 147. This starts your journey to Little India. You will pass the Singapore RiverSingapore Philatelic Museum and the old Hill Street Fire Station. Bear in mind that these are good places to visit together on another day.

Photo source:, Tekka Centre webpage

Photo source:, Tekka Centre webpage

Alight at Tekka Centre which sits just above Little India MRT. Little India is a historic and cultural enclave with many places to explore.

Do you know that Indian seafarers were once the main proponents of the Spice Trade? Seek out a spice shop in the area. Learn what you can with spices.  Pick up a few spices to prepare a simple dish together.

For the more adventurous, purchase several spices to concoct your family’s very own spice mix at home. If it works out well, present this special blend in nice bottles or packages as gifts to friends on festive occasions.

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