Add these Apps 1: Photofunia

Have fun with your kids! With Photofunia you can do lots of cool and crazy things with individual and family photographs, using only two clicks. With hundreds of effects to choose from, you will share bountiful chuckles for hours.

The user-experience is similar when you use Photofunia on your smartphone (see Apps available) and desktop. Your child will have little difficulty adding his photo to the final image he wants to create.

Dads of toddlers and pre-schoolers can visit the Cards category for ideas of gifts to make for festive occasions. You can also create badges with meaningful messages. The bright colourful images will be eye-catching and popular with kids.

Make someone feel special! Put your child’s face or a family photo on a poster, billboard, or magazine cover. For novelty and posterity, add your child’s face to coins, dollar notes, stamps, and even Mt Rushmore. 

Ask your child what he wants to become when he grows up –singer, footballer, pilot or astronaut? But, no worries if he cannot find an image to convey his dream profession, for the skies the limit on the fun meter of this app. Your child (and you) can even be Superman!

Photofunia will appeal to your teenager too. Render Pop Art effects on your photographs. Come up with Keep Calm posters according to the season and what’s happening in the family. Find out what’s happening in popular culture that captures your teenager’s attention by visiting the TV and Movies categories together.

You may want to go through the categories beforehand or alongside your child depending on his or her age. Highlight those that you deem age appropriate and have loads of fun using them! And, the fun does not end online. Many of the effects allow you to create high definition photographs and printable documents. Organise an exhibition at home. Have your friends over for a party!

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