Add these Apps 2: Overdrive and NLB Multi-Lingual E-resources

overdrivelogoOverdrive and Audiobooks

As this is a series on applications, it’s a pity to miss out on introducing Overdrive and the multi-lingual e-resources easily available from the National Library Board.

First, Overdrive opens wide your door to an extensive range of audiobooks from our local library. It works on al both Mac and Windows OS, as well as various handheld devices. With Overdrive, you can borrow six titles at any one time without making a trip to a public library.

Here’s how it works. You need to download the Overdrive app on your device. At the same time you need to sign up for a myLibraryID. It’s a simple process that you can do online or at any of the libraries. With these two in place, you are able to borrow audiobooks:

  1. Go to the NLB’s E-resources page, browse by Children, select Overdrive Digital Collection.
  2. You will be prompted to login to using the myLibraryID at this point. Thereafter, you can browse by Children or Teen’s books. Audiobooks bear a headphone icon on the top right hand corner.
  3. Go through the selection with your child or teenager. Find out what interests him. Assess the suitability of these titles. When you choose to borrow an audiobook, it will be downloaded into your Overdrive Media Console that’s already on your device.
  4. You can listen to it with your child wherever you are for 21 days. Nonetheless, you don’t have to limit what you borrow to children’s books. Download books on parenting or any other genre that interests you.

We highly recommend that you visit the library with your child. But we also recognise that the Overdrive app allows you to plan and suggest good resources for your child and teenager, even when you are away. For more information visit, How to Borrow NLB eBooks from Overdrive. 

NLB’s Multi-Lingual E-resources

Second, the myLibraryID gives you access to other e-resources such as:

  • Childroad Chinese Digital Library (Chinese e-books for children)
  • Koleksi Buku Elektronic Melayu (Malay e-books for children)
  • Tamil eBooks

You will find them on the NLB’s E-resources (for children) page. They include e-books, audiobooks or books presented in a combination of these two formats (text and audio). It’s a little known treasure trove! Enjoy!

“A book is like a garden, carried in the pocket.” — Chinese Proverb

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